“Done right or not at all.” Our story

Doug Davis: Owner
Astrotech Construction grew out of the desire to help. We pride ourselves on doing work that is honest, transparent and true. I began working in construction and remodeling in 2011 while attending the University of Texas at Arlington. I helped manage forty plus rental properties and flipping homes in the DFW area.

I learned by making mistakes, learning how to correct them, and never gave up on any task that I tried. Asking questions and consulting professionals in their own right taught me much about how to fix people’s problems. I found that through construction I could fulfill my desire to help others. I have met many customers who had become friends and word of mouth, our best asset. In everything we do, we strive to teach our customers the techniques and secrets of our trade to allow them to be confident in doing work themselves.

In 2016, I attained my master’s of education and curriculum development from the University of Texas at Arlington. I worked full time as an AP World History and Geography teacher in Dallas while continuing to do small remodel jobs in my free time. Though I loved the classroom and my students I realized I missed working with my hands and the ability to travel. The man I worked with since 2011 offered for me to take over Astrotech Construction and to build the company. I graciously accepted and have been working diligently to build the company since. My goal with this company is to change the stereotype of contractors. I hear story after story about customers having negative experiences with contractors- disappearing, cutting corners, even being rude and condescending. I promise to never do any of the latter. If there are components of the job that you need, I am honest about my capabilities and always quick to recommend someone who can help. All work is guaranteed. I strive to be sure that I can do everything possible to make your home the best it can be. After all, our mantra is “Done right or not at all.”